Willson Center announces 2021-2022 Faculty Research Fellows


Willson Center announces 2021-2022 Faculty Research Fellows

The Willson Center annually awards one-year research fellowships to a group of faculty members in the humanities and arts. Willson Center Fellows are selected by an interdisciplinary UGA committee of distinguished artists and scholars. Fellowships support excellence in the humanities and arts by providing faculty with time to engage in research and creative activity.

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Willson Center Faculty Research Fellows:

• Nora Benedict, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages
• James Brooks, Professor of History
• Barbara McCaskill, Professor of English
• Eric Morales-Franceschini, Assistant Professor of English & LACSI
• Mary Hallam Pearse, Associate Professor of Art/Jewelry Metals
• Suzanne Pilaar Birch, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Geography
• Emily Sahakian, Associate Professor of Theatre & Film Studies and Romance Languages
• Esra Santesso, Associate Professor of English
• Mi-Ryong Shim, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies
• Alexander Spektor, Associate Professor of Germanic and Slavic Studies
• Amy Trauger, Professor of Geography

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