Elinor Saragoussi – “It’s Easier this Way”

Elinor Saragoussi - It's Easier This Way

Elinor Saragoussi works with a variety of mediums, including felt, set design/installation and illustration to create fantastical, colorful works. She is also a musician who sings and plays bass in her bands Baby Tony and The Teenies and Sicky Vicky.

“It’s Easier this Way” is an 8′ x 4′ piece comprised of hand-stitched felt pieces mounted on quilter’s batting and wood panel. When I first began conceptualizing this piece three months ago, I had just returned to Athens after visiting my mother who was recovering from brain surgery. She was outfitted in a tightly-fitting “head-sock” that was both slightly scary and visually striking. As the reality of the pandemic began to sink in, I was reminded of this imagery and felt it was relevant to the concept of “together, alone.” We are contained in our personal bubbles but still have the ability to connect in waking life and beyond.


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Elinor Saragoussi - It's Easier This Way