21st Century Studies

Core Faculty

Isabelle Wallace, Associate Professor of Art History, Lamar Dodd School of Art


The 21st Century Studies cluster facilitates the exchange of new ideas and creative work in the humanities, arts, and social sciences. Focused on contemporary culture(s), the center provides faculty and students with the opportunity to share cross-disciplinary and discipline-specific approaches that engage the broad question of what has endured and transformed with the advent of the new millennium, especially in relation to new technologies, subjectivity, visuality, terror and the Anthropocene.

The center sponsors two lectures per year by a distinguished scholar or creative practitioner and will hold several seminar-style meetings in which a faculty member, visiting scholar, or advanced graduate student presents work-in-progress, followed by discussion and critical feedback. Participants from any area within the Humanities and Arts are welcome, as well as those interested in contemporary culture from other perspectives such as the history of Science, Law, or the Social Sciences.