Daja M. Rice – “STILL”

Daja M. Rice - STILL

Daja M. Rice is a 3rd year M.F.A. Acting Candidate at UGA. She has spent most of her career performing on the theatrical stage and enhancing the personal, professional, and artistic development of youth through the performing arts. Being called to be a “light in darkness,” Daja lives and works by a standard founded on Christ principles and embraces opportunities to create meaningful art with conviction, integrity, and passion.

“STILL” is a short film that follows a single character’s swift journey to embracing her new normal of stillness during the current pandemic. It includes inspirational narration that Daja hopes will compel viewers to look at stillness as more than confinement, but as an opportunity to ground ourselves in the basic gifts of life: family, friends, life, health, quality time, etc. It suggests that we all “still” have these crucial elements of our lives to celebrate.

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