Hannah Jones – “Shelter in Space: Retreat into Color”

Hannah Jones - Shelter in Space: Retreat into Color

“Shelter in Space: Retreat into Color” is a multimedia project created by Hannah Jones, a visual artist and musician living and working in Athens, Georgia. The focus of this piece is the artist’s studio as a place of refuge, one that is always welcomed by the artist but especially appreciated in our current climate.

She approached this project as a chance to focus on painting and then document the paintings through a new medium to her – super 8 film. She shot three types of super 8 film and then edited the footage together, utilizing elements of transparency to try to re-create the feeling of the environment in which the color feels sacred to her.

She thought she might record a solo composition for the audio, but discovered that a previously recorded song by her band The New Sound of Numbers fit perfectly with the idea. “Zoo Subatomic” is the name.