SJ Henderson – “Define Pandemic ?”

SJ Henderson

I am an MSW/MPH student at UGA. I have sat in classrooms with students aspiring to be in “helping” professions and watched some display biases that are extremely unhelpful. I have watched debates on the news that are more about winning an argument than finding truth. I have seen how it is easier to admit to inequities in retrospect than in the moment and I am tired of waiting for tomorrow. We are in a pandemic that has [infected] millions worldwide and forced us all to have time with ourselves. It is exhausting to think of how many have died and will continue to die while we search for answers to the wrong questions. I am discouraged to believe that this poem I am sharing will change anything, but this has been a therapeutic process for me. I hope it will mean something to someone else too.

[SJ Henderson’s Flagpole interview]

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