ruth allen – “Quadrangled”

Ruth Allen

ruth allen draws, paints, writes, collages, photographs and dreams every day. In “Quadrangled,” each quadrant is composed of 20-40 images representing one day between 13 March and 15 July, 2020 of my self isolation which continues (probably even now) through the pandemic. I am fortunate to be living in Athens, GA, to have been here 20 years, to have a network of friends who care for and support me, to live in a place with green grass, old trees and beautiful flowers and a kind and generous community. I am grateful for all this time has brought into my awareness. I wish the same for you.

[ruth allen Flagpole interview]

(Who am I? Where am I?)

(Within you, Without you)
(Observation, small joys)
(It’s all in you)