Jesse Kennedy – “Dialin’ America”

Jesse Kennedy - Dialin America

In perhaps his most manic release, Wild Abandon, a vehicle frequented by Athens’ Jesse Kennedy, has aimed to capture a few cerebral moments of aloneness in under 16 minutes with “Dialin’ America,” a significant and unabashed blend of DIY and measured aesthetics.

This project quickly morphed into something different as time went on and the social climate began to warm until everything started to catch on fire. Glimpses of images into these little perspectives and moments of animals endangered, extinct, mental health declining, and truly crushing, fear-inducing realities abound.

Wrapping it all in a pretty bow sometimes, and altogether forgetting about civilities at others, it has unpleasant moments, but they are placed there with intention, and at the end, are met with a warm dance track with very few impressions to make.

Listen to “Dialin’ America”:

“Dialin’ America” by Wild Abandon
Pt. I: Angry
When You Get Where You’re Going You’ll Find There’s Nothing There

and everything marsh,
slipping and bleeding on the moss.
Lost, lost, your condition is almost depleted
lost, lost, skin is rapidly turning green
lost, lost, all the while everything in the air,
all you’re breathing is fucking poison, and
when you get where you’re going
you’ll find there’s nothing there.

Pt. II: Despair
Disappearing Me

“Come, it’s another time to come,
get your number at the door,
you’ll never have to be honest.”
Sure, as a mirror goes, it’s a pain;
as a mirror shows, I’m to blame;
it’s enough to never show my face.

Pt. III: Paranoia=d
Eyes Roll Back

Daylight calls,
and like rain,
I call you.
Shitty night falls
inside of you too.

Eyes roll back?
same for me too!
I won’t think for you,
won’t change for you.

Haha, no.

Let it up now
Let it up somehow (been a long time)
Let him outside (he never was mine)

Pt. IV: Resolve
Dialin’ America

The fox, she is diggin’ a hole
and she is diggin’ slow and bashful
and tired, she is, of these extremes
the fox

Tyrannosaurus, were you around
for the tyrannical downpour,
something so obscene,
couldn’t fit it in a dream

Sure, it’s as easy as it seems
You place the notches in the beams
Please, make the floors real flat
Surely, building your own house,
you can handle that

Pt. V Release

Underwear /ˈdiskəˌtek/