Jace Bartet – “Spaceship You”

Jace Bartet

The crises of 2020 have newly tasked our society with a profound and old but absurd question: what does it mean to assign value to human life? For many, this value has previously (and unfortunately) been assessed in dollars. For some of those same many, the curtain of money has been disintegrated to reveal it for the figment that it is, fake-augmented by a magic sandwich made of 1200 invented dollars that you’re ostensibly not supposed to eat in one sitting. All tied together like summer campers in a billion-legged race, will we be able to forge a path to a different collective concept of human value? At the molecular level, our existence is bonded by vibration, and I feel that this fact accounts for why music is an expression of actual magic; why it is said that, as art decorates space, the vibrations that comprise music decorate time. Music literally becomes us, and thus unites us. I built Spaceship You as one example of a vessel for that journey.

Listen to “Spaceship You,” a composition for six electric guitars.