Will Eskridge – “20 Seconds Art”

Will Eskridge - 20 Seconds Art

This project consists of a series of paintings, films, songs, all completed within or lasting 20 seconds.

The purpose of this project is to recall the Center For Disease Control’s recommendation of washing one’s hands for at least 20 seconds to protect from and reduce spreading of COVID-19.

The pieces serve as a creative reminder to audiences of this guideline.

The pieces consist of focusing on subjects revolving around the pandemic. Quick, abstract portraits of bats and snakes painted in positive and bright colors to counter their wrongful blame for the pandemic. Songs expressing the fun delirium that can set in from quarantine. And short films focusing on the positivity of staying home with loved ones.

Finally the hashtag #20secondsart was created for social media purposes to encourage other creatives to take part and help spread the information along with their art.



“Grocery Store Shopping”

“I’ve Got Accordion”

“Too Much TV”


Bats 1-4; Snakes 1-4


Bat 1

Bat 2

Bat 3

Bat 4

Drawing Lesson

Snake 2

Snake 3

Snake 4


Toilet Paper