Digital Arts


Jonathan Baillehache, Assistant Professor, Department of Romance Languages


The Digital Arts Faculty Research Cluster consists of a Digital Arts Library, associated with courses in Electronic Literature, Digital Interactive Narratives, and Video Games, and of a research and preservation initiative in digital arts. The Digital Arts Library will be hosted by the Digital Humanities Lab and will be open to students and professors.

The Digital Arts FRC aims to promote the research and teaching of born-digital arts from the perspective of media archaeology. The Digital Arts FRC’s primary mission is to acquire, catalog, preserve and make available legacy computers and video game systems as well as a collection of electronic literature pieces, digital interactive narrative pieces and video games in order to support research and teaching programs in digital arts. In this endeavor, the Digital Arts FRC will collaborate with the Digital Curation Group at UGA to find long-term preservation solutions for digital arts.

The Digital Arts FRC will partner with various groups in order to organize symposia, art exhibits, and e-sport tournaments at UGA. The Digital Arts FRC will also partner with UGA’s Symposium on the Future of the Book and with the “Text/ures” research group in Université Paris VIII in order to promote a dialogue between research in digital arts and research print cultures.

digital brain


  • Shira Chess, Assistant Professor, Department of Telecommunications
  • Luis Correa-Díaz, Professor, Department of Romance Languages
  • Chris Eaket, Assistant Professor, Department of Theater and Film Studies
  • Hartmut Koenitz, Assistant Professor, New Media Institute
  • Adriane Hanson, Russell Library


  • Digital Curation Working Group, UGA
  • Symposium on the Book, UGA
  • “Text/ures” research group, Université Paris VIII
  • Electronic Literature Organization
  • Electronic Literature Lab, Washington State University
  • NYU Game Center
  • Media Archaeology Lab, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Maryland Institute of Technology in the Humanities
  • Georgia Institute of Technology