Daniel Shroyer – Ixian: “Stains on Our Boots”

“The blood on streets that mark the way, won’t wash away with rain
Reddened stains on paths we all will take
Marching onward, stains on our boots
Mitigating harm, was never in our truth”

Written in the early phase of lockdown lamenting that we likely wouldn’t do enough to protect those most vulnerable, this piece unfortunately turned out more prophetic than I would have liked. It was put together with people like my disabled son in mind. He’s been unable to be around other children, go to his therapies or attend non-essential doctor’s visits. The selfishness of others helped spur our current situation, and many people like him are being harmed as a consequence. My only hope is we can do better from here and into the future should we face these same challenges again.

Listen to “Stains on Our Boots” by Ixian: