Alden DiCamillo – “Imagining Futures: Fluid Collections”

Alden DiCamilloThis is a collections project. The subject of the work is futures thinking how are folx actively pulling an imaginative future into the present through their work, their research, art, and networks. As many projects were at the onset of COVID-19’s tested presence within the United States, Imagining Futures tried to be a rumination upon what life could be like considering a fracturing economy, pandemic and BLM protests.

Imaginative futures thinking has been a practice for years. I expected something new from this project; instead, I dipped into a wellspring. I found that imaginative futures thinking is fluid, complicated, anti-fascist, healing.

This project is not exhaustive, nor is it comprehensive. Submissions are open, and there will be a short, printed publication of resulting works before the end of the year that is 2020.

Alden DiCamillo is a non-binary, interdisciplinary artist, MFA, writer and collaborator from Annapolis, Maryland, now residing in Athens, GA.

Visit the Imagining Futures: Fluid Collections website.