Cindy Jerrell – “Topiary Flower Ladies”


Cindy Jerrell - Topiary Flower Ladies

For my project I built 3 eight to ten-feet tall skirted ladies with flower-like heads, and installed them near a busy road. This was intended to reach out of where I sheltered in place to anyone passing by, sending hope and cheer through the happy colors, and reverence and joy in the upraised arms and smiling faces. Vines were planted around the bases so that the pieces would change visually over time, and message that things can grow and change and bloom and nourish, even when staying in one place.

The Ladies received a lot of positive response from pedestrians, bikers and even (honking/waving) cars. Over and over I was told that “they make me smile.” I was very glad to be able to give that to people during this strange and stressful time of Covid. Sincere thanks to Flagpole Magazine and the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts.

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