Matthew Brown – Matt and the Co-Workers: “Sleep Schedule”

Matthew Brown - Sleep Schedule

The day after he was let go from his job, he lays in bed, 6:55 A.M., heartbroken, overwhelmed with apathy and malaise. He curses his sleep schedule for punishing him when he has no reason to be awake yet. He was made redundant.

This was a song I wrote early in quarantine and formed organically out of my own anxieties of self-isolating. “Sleep Schedule” is the title and the central catalyst elevating these anxious feelings emerging from an absence of purpose. Our situations are almost one in the same, the character and I. We are restricted in our apartments, wondering what we will do with our time. We putter around before going to bed and doing it all over again. Matt finds a way to turn to his music practice, once used as an excited mouthpiece for the company and begins to recognize the confessional and healing possibilities of songwriting.

Listen to “Sleep Schedule” by Matt and the Co-Workers: