Hannah V Warren – “Estranged City”

Hannah V Warren - Estranged City

Hannah V Warren is a doctoral student at the University of Georgia where she studies poetry and speculative narratives. Her short poetry collection [re]construction of the necromancer won Sundress Publications’ 2019 chapbook contest, and her works have haunted or will soon appear in Mid-American Review, Fairy Tale Review, Passages North, and Redivider.

Warren’s Estranged City considers the intersections of fear and changing seasons in Georgia, of isolation and the steady influx of news. Warren began this project on a larger scale before the pandemic, intending to analyze how individual towns in Georgia present or hide their histories from the public eye and to reflect on what an outsider would learn about the towns when visiting. Considering the same questions on a microscopic scale while keeping in mind larger implications, Warren centralized her research and writing on Athens to assess her participation in movement and observation with strictly limited physical presence.


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