McKenzie Peterson – “Spring 2020”

McKenzie Peterson - Spring 2020

My name is McKenzie Peterson. I am a recent graduate from the University of Georgia. I am currently painting on a commission basis and seeking a full-time position in the field of user experience design. The spring of 2020 was a challenging time to make art. The haphazard loss of routine and the frenzied attempt to retain normality online prevented artistic discipline. For me, the Shelter Project was a battle against inactivity. I sketched forty ideas related to the pandemic. Some of my sketches included empty church pews, unplanned elopements, and masked protestors. I finished the project with three large acrylic paintings of flowers. The tenacious blooms of spring flowers brought me peace. For the plants, the spring of 2020 was just another season to grow. I hope the same for all people as they discover what is truly important in life and grow despite the challenges.

“Self Portrait in a Mask”

Self Portrait in a Mask“Life Grows On”

Life Grows On