Lydian Brambila – “Aster (Shelter Remix)”

Lydian Brambila - Aster

In this music video, I explore isolation as a self-care practice for migraine. Migraine symptoms can include shooting pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light, and the process of creating a circle of quiet for recovery is essential. The scenes of myself stretching and resting in my bathtub were filmed during a migraine episode, and I superimposed the woods where I take socially distanced walks on pain-free days to blur the line between preventative and palliative practices.

For this project, I made a home recording of my song “Aster” from my album Ars Apparatus (2019), and I asked friends in Athens, Chicago, Richmond, and Seattle to record the circles of quiet they have found in their own homes while sheltering in place. This project reaffirmed my gratitude for my community at home and elsewhere.