Shelter Projects Online Exhibition

In the spring of 2020 the Willson Center, in partnership with the Graduate School, the UGA Arts Council, the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, and Flagpole magazine, awarded 34 micro-fellowships in a new program we called Shelter Projects. The $500 fellowships supported graduate students and community-based artists and practitioners in the creation of shareable reflections on their experience of the COVID-19 pandemic through the arts and humanities.

The funded projects were selected by a committee of the sponsoring UGA units and Flagpole from among more than 100 proposals representing more than 25 departments, schools, and colleges across the university, as well as the Athens and Georgia communities at large. Selected proposals included projects in music, film/video, theater, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, poetry, short stories, publishing, and other media. The projects were completed during the spring and summer, and are exhibited here.

Some of those who submitted proposals we were unable to fund generously shared their projects nonetheless. Those are exhibited here under “Volunteer Projects.”

Read more about a few of the Shelter Project recipients in this article from @UGAResearch.

Ruth Allen


Ruth Allen




Jace Bartet

Jace Bartet

“Spaceship You”

Mux Blank - Canceled

Mux Blank


Lydian Brambila - ``Aster (Shelter Remix)``

Lydian Brambila

“Aster (Shelter Remix)”

Chase Brantley - The Invisible Force

Chase Brantley

“The Invisible Force”

Gabrielle Sinclair Compton - Listen

Gabrielle Sinclair Compton




Ashley Crooks-Allen

Ashley Crooks-Allen

“Sheltered in Place”


Will Eskridge - 20 Seconds Art

Will Eskridge

“20 Seconds Art”


SJ Henderson

SJ Henderson

“Define Pandemic ?”


Killick Hinds - Lake Nonlinear

Killick Hinds

“Lake Nonlinear”

Cindy Jerrell - Topiary Flower Ladies

Cindy Jerrell

“Topiary Flower Ladies”


Lillah Lawson

Lillah Lawson



Eddy Lezama

Eddy Lezama

“GranGrump Media”


Louisiana Lightsey - Nature In Place

Louisiana Lightsey

“Nature in Place”


Jean-Baptiste Oudry

Christina Wood Martinez

“The Oriole”


The Artist's Workspace

Katharine Miele



McKenzie Peterson - Spring 2020

McKenzie Peterson

“Spring 2020”


Terry Rowlett - REAPER 2020

Terry Rowlett

“REAPER 2020”


Elinor Saragoussi - It's Easier This Way

Elinor Saragoussi

“It’s Easier this Way”


Aaron Strand - Here with Me

Aaron Strand

“Here with Me”


Hannah V Warren - Estranged City

Hannah V Warren

“Estranged City”


Cheryl Washburn - Sheltering in Nature

Cheryl Washburn

“Sheltering in Nature”


James Aurelio Wilson

James Aurelio Wilson

“Children of the Apocalypse”


Kuo Zhang

Kuo Zhang



Volunteer Projects

The projects below were generously shared by some of those among the many who submitted proposals we were unable to fund.

Allison Rentz - A Collective Anger

Allison Rentz

“A Collective Anger”