Author Michael Ondaatje visits UGA and Athens

Delta Visiting Chair for
Global Understanding

Author Michael Ondaatje visits UGA and Athens October 24-25.

Collage of 30 faces

Willson Center 30th Anniversary

30 faces of the humanities and arts

Natalie Chanin with large group

Public Programs

The Global Georgia Initiative brings the world to Georgia and Georgia to the world.

Indian Nation map

Digital Humanities

The DIGI initiative supports collaborative research at UGA and beyond.

University of Georgia Digital Humanities logo
Jim McKay with students in library

Public Humanities

Recognized as a national model program for fostering “humanities communities.”

Promoting Scholarly Inquiry & Creative Activity

  • The Case for Arts Integration, produced by the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru), presents insights gathered from interviews with academic leaders, institutional officers, faculty, staff, and students at over 60 research universities. The publication features evidence of impacts, best practices, challenges, and......

  • Humanities Moments: Finding Connections between the Past and our Daily Lives in the Undergraduate Classroom Humanities moments occur daily in the lives of human beings. We access them through stories that reveal our complexities, our aspirations, and our tragic flaws. Whether we reflect on our......

  • Collages & Paintings by Don Chambers, an Athens artist and musician, will be on display at the Willson Center through December 20. The exhibition includes the new collage series “Cryptomnesia,” as well as other works in photoprint, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, and rust. All works are......


Internal Deadlines

Jan 13 | NEA (Internal Limited Submission): Grants for Arts Projects

Jan 17 | Provost’s Office: Study in a Second Discipline Fellows Program

Feb 15 | OGE: UGA Foundation Incentive Scholarship for Central America, South America, and Africa (details, application)

Feb 28 | a2ru: Ground Works (peer reviewed journal – Interdisciplinary arts projects)

External Opportunities

Jan 7Chateaubriand Fellowship (for PhD students, research in France)

Jan 8 | ACLS: Digital Extension Grants

Jan 8 | NEH: Short Documentaries

Jan 8 | NEH: Public Humanities Projects

Jan 8 | NEH: Media Projects: Development Grants

Jan 8 | NEH: Media Projects: Production Grants

Jan 15 | NEA: Translation Projects

Jan 15 | NEH: Digital Humanities Advancement Grants

Jan 15 | Winterthur Research Fellowships (Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library, Delaware)

Jan 20 | a2ru: application for the 2020 Emerging Creatives Student Summit (Feb. 20-23, 2020) – Cincinnati, OH (undergraduate and graduate students); Student Travel Grants also available

Feb 5 | NEH: Public Scholar Program

Feb 10 | Annie Clark Tanner Teaching Fellowship (Environmental Humanities)

Apr 8 | NEH: Fellowships

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