Eddy Lezama – “GranGrump Media”

Eddy Lezama - GranGrump Media

GranGrump Media is a collection of various musical projects that I’ve been working on mostly by myself but occasionally with friends in my Quarantine Bubble. In the downtime we’ve had since Covid began I have been creating multimedia time capsules of sorts.

I will typically make a song and then work on the Jcard design, but a couple of these releases have been done the opposite way. Working on these projects has helped to keep me sane and grounded in a world that is rapidly changing every day.

I’d like to thank Burstito, Chase Merrit, Reeth Dasgupta, Tommy Williams, my Grandparents, my Mom, FMOTU and Shelter Projects for helping to keep this ball rolling during such a weird time.

Eventually these songs will make it onto physical cassettes, but with the state of the world right now, it seems best to wait a moment.

Visit the GranGrump Media website