Gabrielle Sinclair Compton – “Listen”

Gabrielle Sinclair Compton - Listen

How can the story of the pandemic be told when it never seems to end? “Listen” is an investigation into memory, senses, and absence. An attempt to carve out structure in chaos, a search for a point of reference. “Listen” imagines a machine and procedure able to connect the brain to language and image for a patient who, due to a virus, has lost her senses, including her sense of self, that her humanity re-emerge. This is also my attempt to creatively locate my lost tuxedo cat, Ender (pictured), gone since the first day of the pandemic. This is an attempt to bury my cat whose body I’ve never found. In conversation with: Fluxus, Georges Perec, Ana Mendieta, Len Lye. Music by Podington Bear (“Tumbler,”“Forces”), Welcome Wizard (“Tweedle Dee”), and Silent Strangers (“Crawl”). Includes found footage (Retro Vision Archives). Features my kids and our other cat, Zelda.

[Gabrielle Sinclair Compton’s Flagpole interview]