The Global Capitalism Initiative


Allan Kulikoff, Professor and Abraham Baldwin Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, Department of History


The University of Georgia campus is a divided space. Each department sits in its own place, and interactions among the disciplines are sporadic. The Global Capitalism Initiative (GCI) intends to remedy this spacial disconnect by creating a coalition of diverse departments, including history, geography, philosophy, sociology, English, and economics, under the unifying theme of Global Capitalism. Each year of the three year grant period, the GCI will put on the Capfest film festival, a graduate student conference on Global Capitalism and the Global South (GCGS conference), and an ongoing monthly workshop series. This inclusive cluster will link faculty and graduate students together in order to facilitate an alliance and collaboration, linking diverse scholars under the broad theme of Global Capitalism and the Global South. By working together, the cluster aims to increase the visibility of the University of Georgia as a leader in the study of Global Capitalism.

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Core Cluster Members

  • Stephen Mihm, Associate Professor, Department of History
  • Piers Stephens, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
  • Nik Heynen, Professor, Department of Geography

Cluster Partners

  • Jeff Netter, The Georgia Bankers Association Chair of Banking & Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, Terry College of Business
  • Jay Hamilton, Associate Professor, Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communications
  • Valarie Babb, Professor, Department of English
  • Josh Barkan, Associate Professor, Department of Geography
  • Amy Trauger, Associate Professor, Department of Geography
  • Jennifer Rice, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography
  • Richard Neupert,Wheatley Professor of the Arts & Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, Department of Theatre and Film Studies
  • Patricia Richards, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Institute for Women’s Studies
  • Pablo Lapegna, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute
  • Kamala Lyons, Communications Director, Ciné
  • Amy Kissane, Executive Director, The Athens Heritage Foundation
  • Members of the History of Capitalism working group, Department of History