UGA to host National Humanities Center workshop Feb. 25, 2020

Humanities Moments: Finding Connections between the Past and our Daily Lives in the Undergraduate Classroom

Humanities moments occur daily in the lives of human beings. We access them through stories that reveal our complexities, our aspirations, and our tragic flaws. Whether we reflect on our personal experiences or our national history, it is the humanities moments that are most resonant and to which we continually return to mark who we are as individuals and as a culture.

But, how can we inspire and provoke these kinds of moments in our classrooms?

Since 1978, the National Humanities Center has supported, stimulated, and disseminated the best scholarship in the humanities. Each year a Fellowship class of up to 40 scholars come to the Center to pursue research in an atmosphere of freedom, collegiality, and scholarly support.

The NHC Education Department aims to make this content accessible in the classroom by infusing pedagogy with scholarship and by making visible the work of the scholar. Emerging technologies are an important element to creating meaningful learning experiences for students at any level – including the undergraduate and post-secondary classroom. Geospatial and mapping tools allow for the visualization of data, podcasting and digital storytelling provides richer narrative landscapes, and object-based teaching supports inquiry and investigation.

This hands-on workshop will be led by Andy Mink, Vice President of Education at the National Humanities Center, and held in the Special Collections Libraries on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 9-11:30 a.m. The workshop will explore how the instructional resources and programs of the National Humanities Center can inspire these moments in the humanities classroom and can provide support for passionate and engaged teaching. The session will feature sources and inquiry-based activities from the NHC webinar series, online course catalog, and summer institutes.  Participants will receive free access to all materials in the Humanities in Class Digital Library and be introduced to programs offered each year for scholars and graduate students.

Faculty and graduate students from all humanities disciplines are invited to participate in the workshop. The workshop is free, but space is limited and pre-registration is required. Please contact Dr. Lloyd Winstead (, Senior Associate Director at the Willson Center, to register. The deadline to register is February 11.