Call for Proposals: Whiting Public Engagement Fellowship for 2018-19


Call for Proposals: Whiting Public Engagement Fellowship for 2018-19

The Whiting Public Engagement Fellowship is designed for nominees whose proposed project and professional expertise are both squarely in the humanities. The proposed project should engage a specific public beyond the academy in the humanities and the nominee should play a significant leadership role in the project. See the detailed guidelines for further details about the fellowship.

Institutions may nominate either or both of the following:

  • One humanities professor who took up tenure between fall 2012 and fall 2017; and/or
  • One full-time, untenured humanities professor with at least two full years of service.

Faculty who are interested in being nominated for the fellowship and meet one of the conditions above should indicate either year of tenure or, if untenured, the number of years of service as part of their proposal. The proposal (1-2 pages) should include an overview of the proposed public humanities project. The overview should also briefly address:

  • Logistics:
    • Speak to the complexities of public-facing work including realistic assessments of time and effort required of different participants.
  • Public engagement:
    • Address how the project will reach the public and encourage participation
  • Collaborators:
    • Describe others who will participate in your public facing project (teachers, community leaders, designers, museums and historical sites, technologists, nonprofit organizations, curators, scholars in other disciplines, filmmakers, etc.).
  • Context and landscape:
    • Address the context of your project in terms of how much the public is likely to know about your topic and where within that topic its interests likely lie, and how that affects your starting point.
  • Skills required:
    • Specify the technical skills required for success and indicate how you either have mastered them or will collaborate with someone who has.

Deadline: Proposals should be submitted to Lloyd Winstead at the Willson Center by April 19. Faculty will be notified regarding selection by May 1.