Humanities and Arts Grants Town Hall

On Monday, Nov. 5 at 4 p.m. in room 148 of the Miller Learning Center, the Willson Center presents its inaugural Humanities and Arts Grants Town Hall. The discussion has been organized by Professor Steve Berry, Willson Center associate academic director for external grants, and will feature panelists William Kretzschmar (English; panel chair), Nicholas Allen (English; Director of the Willson Center), Celeste Condit (Speech Communication), Lisa Fusillo (Dance), and Richard Gordon (Romance Languages). A representative from the Office of Sponsored Programs will also be present.

Panelists will each give brief introductory remarks, then the floor will be opened to an audience-based discussion centering on the importance of external grants in the humanities and arts, existing opportunities for securing grants, and the environment here at UGA for those pursuing external grants.

The panel will be accompanied by a series of initiatives including a survey of arts and humanities faculty with regard to targeted supports needed for external grants.