Graduate Research Awards

The Willson Center Graduate Research Award provides support toward research‐related expenses for arts and humanities projects that are essential components of a graduate degree program. Application is open to any humanities and arts graduate student registered for an advanced degree.

For further details and application guidelines, please see Graduate Research Award under Fellowships and Grants.

Fall 2017

Madeline Critchfield

MA Candidate, Romance Languages Major Professor: Margaret Lubbers Quesada Project Description: The Miskitu-Spanish Bilingual Community in Nicaragua

Alexandra Edwards

PhD Candidate, English Major Professors: Susan Rosenbaum Project Description: Making Jam in Marjorie’s Kitchen         

Holly Fling

PhD Candidate, English Major Professor: Tricia Lootens Project Description: The Matter of Time-Space in Nineteenth-Century Women’s Writing

Shuk Han Lui   

MFA Candidate, Drawing and Painting, Art Major Professor: Melissa Harshman Project Description: Artist books for Mozart’s Sonata K. 570 Adagio and Schubert’s Ständchen

Kendra Macomber

MA Candidate, Art History Major Professor: Alisa Luxenberg Project Description: Not a Picnic: The Issue of Class in Monet’s Déjeuner sur l’herbe    

Katherine Miller

MFA Candidate, Art Major Professor: Jon Swindler Project Description: Minimalism and Spatial Encounter

Mary English Scales

MA Candidate, CED: Historic Preservation Major Professor: Eric MacDonald Project Description: Cultural Landscape Mgmt. in the Chattahoochee National Forest: A Case Study of Lake Winfield Scott        

Kaylynn Lee Washnock

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: Akela Reason Project Description: Making Atlanta: Civil War Memory, Identity Politics and Tourism, 1958 – 1996

Shayi Zhang   

MFA Candidate, Theatre & Film Studies Major Professor: Mike Hussey Project Description: “Silent Dating”: An Short Animation with Pencil-drawn Characters in a 3D digital world

Spring 2016

Gina Abelkop

PhD Candidate, English Major Professor: Tricia Lootens Project Description: Feminist Recovery: Investigating the Archives of June Arnold   

Franziska Barbara Brunner

PhD Candidate, Music Major Professors: David Haas and Susan Thomas Project Description: Schoenberg’s Voices         

Megan Anne Conger

PhD Candidate, Anthropology Major Professor: Jennifer Birch Project Description: Household Economy and Market Participation Among the Petun, A.D. 1550-1650

Calvin Ferst   

MA Candidate, Linguistics Major Professor: Joshua Bousquette Project Description: Walhalla: Language Shift in the Garden of the Gods

Timothy Johnson

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: Shane Hamilton Project Description: Growth Industry: Unearthing the Origins of Fertilizer-Fueled Agriculture in the United States         

Katherine Campbell Jones

PhD Candidate, Anthropology Major Professor: Stephen Kowalewski Project Description: Reconnaissance of the Steiner and McGlashan Archaeological Collections, Smithsonian Institution

Jieun Lee

PhD Candidate, Theatre and Film Studies Janelle Padgett Knight Graduate Research Award Winner Major Professor: Marla Carlson Project Description: Beyond Kinship: Performing Korean American Adoptee Theater         

Sarah Lowman

PhD Candidate, Romance Languages Major Professor: Mark Anderson Project Description: Political Ecology and Cultural Activism in Nahua Literature of Mexico

Sarah Mayo

PhD Candidate, English Major Professor: Miriam Jacobson Project Description: Folger Library Dissertation Research Proposal         

Erin Elise McClenathan

PhD Candidate, Art History Major Professor: Nell Andrew Project Description: Handheld Cinema: Ephemerality and the Photographic Avant-Garde (1917-1944)

James A. Owen   

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: Claudio Saunt Project Description: Singing the Holy Ghost: Theology, Hymnody, and Race in Three Moravian Communities, 1763-1838

Katherine Reinberger

PhD Candidate, Anthropology Major Professor: Laurie Reitsema Project Description: Bioarchaeological Perspectives on the Individual Lives Associated with the Battles of Himera, Sicily         

Alexander M. Stephens

MA Candidate, History Major Professor: Bethany Moreton Project Description: “I Hope They Don’t Come to Plains”: Race, ‘Undesirability,’ and the Mariel Boatlift

Fall 2015

Kathryn Paige Bove

PhD Candidate, Romance Languages Major Professor: Pilar Chamorro Fernandez Project Description: Time reference in a tenseless language and neighboring languages       

Tyler Lee Ehrlich

MM Candidate, Music Major Professor: Cynthia Johnston Turner Project Description: Love, Marriage, and Death: An Interdisciplinary Recital         

Michael Scott Kennedy

MFA Candidate, Theatre and Film Studies Major Professor: John Kundert-Gibbs Project Description: Love Bites        

Charlotte Jean Maier   

MA Candidate, Art History Janelle Padgett Knight Graduate Award Winner Major Professor: Nell Andrew Project Description: Suzanne Duchamp’s Diversion from Man’s Machine Aesthetic

Sara Renee Marshall

PhD Candidate, English Major Professor: Andrew Zawacki Project Description: Agnès Varda: a Woman Moving in Pictures

Michael H. Taylor

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: Peter Hoffer Project Description: A Founding Friendship:  James Wilson and James Iredell       

Gale Marie Thompson

PhD Candidate, Creative Writing Major Professor: Andrew Zawacki Project Description: Helen or My Hunger: Memory and Forgetting in Helen in Egypt

John Spence Townsend

MFA Candidate, Art, Painting and Drawing Major Professor: Benjamin Britton Project Description: Painting Soundtrack

Ellen Kimberly Waters

PhD Candidate, Linguistics / Romance Languages Major Professor: Margaret Renwick Project Description: Rebel time speech in the 21st century:  Five Gullah-Geechee dialects

Spring 2015

Patrick Brien

MFA Candidate, Art Major Professor: Christopher Hocking Project Description: The Digital Gaze

Dan Du

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: Allan Kulikoff Project Description: This World in a Tea Cup: Sino-American Tea Trade in the Nineteenth Century

Charles Adron Farris III

PhD Candidate, Theatre & Film Studies Major Professor: Marla Carlson Project Description: The Final Archive

Shamala Gallagher

PhD Candidate, English Janelle Padgett Knight Graduate Award Winner Major Professor: Ed Palic, Susan Rosenbaum Project Description: The Danko Hoax

Jason Lee Guthrie

PhD Candidate, Journalism & Mass Communications Major Professor: Janice Hume Project Description: Science and Useful Arts: Inventors, Artisans, and American Copyright Law

Sarah Grace Harrell

PhD Candidate, English Major Professor: Susan Rosenbaum Project Description: Cosmopolitanism in the Lowcountry Lyric

Kira Hegeman

PhD Candidate, Art Major Professor: James Woglom Project Description: Interaction, Art and Conversation

Julia Hernández

PhD Candidate, Romance Languages Major Professor: Dana Bultman Project Description: The Monstrous Other: Medieval Iconographic Precedents for “Monstrous” Amerindians

Courtney Hoffman

PhD Candidate, English Major Professor: Elizabeth Kraft Project Description: Pathetic Temporality in the Eighteenth-Century Women’s Epistolary Tradition

Tareva Johnson

PhD Candidate, English Major Professor: Valerie Babb Project Description: Transnationalism and African American Literature

Amie M. Jones

PhD Candidate, Journalism & Mass Communications Major Professor: Janice Hume Project Description: The Forgotten Children of Bath:  A Case Study Exploration of the Media’s Role in Public Memory

Leda Lozier

PhD Candidate, Romance Languages Major Professor: Betina Kaplan Project Description: Gender, Violence, and Memory in Contemporary Central American Women’s Narrative

Thomas Luke Manget

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: John Inscoe Project Description: Ginseng on the Virginia Frontier

Jordan A. Rothacker

PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature Major Professor: Joel Black Project Description: Ai Weiwei Alcatraz Art Installation/William T. Vollmann Art Show and Interview

Amanda Sutton

PhD Candidate, Anthropology Major Professor: Jennifer Birch Project Description: Transforming and Performing Identity in Colonial Quebec, AD 1700-1900

James Wall

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: Robert A. Pratt Project Description: National Archives Trip

Betty Jean Young

PhD Candidate, Theatre & Film Studies Major Professor: David Saltz Project Description: We Hold These Memories Inside a We

Fall 2014

Louisa Powell

MFA Candidate, Art Major Professor: Georgia Strange Project Description: Erosion

Nastassja Pugliese

PhD Candidate, Philosophy Major Professor: Edward Halper Project Description: From Image to Reason: Reconstructing Spinoza’s Theory of Imagination

Amanda Scheutzow

MFA Candidate, Art Major Professor: Mary Hallam Pearse Project Description: Portable Tintype Photograph Studio

Laura Lake Smith

PhD Candidate, Art Major Professor: Isabelle Loring Wallace Project Description: Imaging the In-between: The Art of Richard Tuttle

Andrew Fialka

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: Stephen Berry Project Description: Of Methods and Madness: A Spatial History Approach to Guerrilla Violence in Civil War Missouri

Jun Suk Hyun

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: William Stueck Project Description: U.S.-ROK alliance after the Korean War

Jason Innman

MFA Candidate, Art Major Professor: Margaret Morrison Project Description: Phantasmagoria – MFA Thesis Exhibition

Colin James Law

MA Candidate, Religion Janelle Padgett Knight Graduate Award Winner Major Professor: Kenneth Honerkamp Project Description: How Narratives Have Protected Malerkotla

Tyler Leslie

MFA Candidate, Art Major Professor: Jon Swindler Project Description: A Succession of Discrete Moments – Kinetic Art Installation

Spring 2014

Alisha Cromwell

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: Allan Kulikoff Project Description: The Purdah of the Southern Plantation

Jennifer Czuba

MFA Candidate, Theatre & Film Studies Major Professor: David Saltz Project Description: Light Cube One Act Fest

Emily Everhart

PhD Candidate, Art Major Professor: Alisa Luxenberg Project Description: Friendship in Philadelphia

Katherine Fialka

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: Stephen Barry Project Description: Textual Healing: Female Readers, Self-Writing, and Sensibility in the American South, 1840-1920

Cristiane Lira

PhD Candidate, Romance Languages Janelle Padgett Knight Graduate Award Winner Major Professor: Susan Canty Quinlan Project Description: The Representation of Female Guerrillas: Challenging Discourses of Gender and Memory in Literature and Film in Brazil and Argentina through the dictatorships of the 1960’s and 1970’s

Robert Poister

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: John Inscoe Project Description: Smuggling Chaos: Black Market Mayhem and Confederate Defeat

Miriam Brown Spiers

PhD Candidate, English Major Professor: Channette Romero Project Description: The Sovereign Other: Encountering Difference in Native American Science Fiction

Kurt Windisch

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: Claudio Saunt Project Description: The Battle of a Thousand Slain

Fall 2013

Dillon Carroll

PhD Candidate, History Janelle Padgett Knight Graduate Award Winner Major Professor: Stephen Berry Project Description: “The Living Souls, the Bodies Tragedies”: Mental Illness and the American Civil War

Michael Edgerton

PhD Candidate, English Major Professor: Jed Rasula Project Description: What Most Vividly (A Choral Work)

Jeffrey Fallis

PhD Candidate, English/Creative Writing Major Professor: Ed Pavlic Project Description: Hard Sand: an H.D. play

Michael Ford

PhD Candidate, English Major Professor: Susan Rosenbaum Project Description: The Epic and Catastrophe

Angela Hall

MFA Candidate, Theatre and Film Studies/Dramatic Media Major Professor: Michael Hussey Project Description: The Pregnant Tree (Stage Play)

Hong Hong

MFA Candidate, LDSOA/Drawing and Painting Major Professor: Margaret Morrison Project Description: Vessel, a fine art installation

Elizabeth Kleene

MFA Candidate, LDSOA Major Professor: Chris Hocking Project Description: “Artifice Destiny”– Visual Thesis Project

Jessica Machacek

MFA Candidate, LDSOA/Printmaking Major Professor: Melissa Harshman Project Description: IN OUT IN

Victoria Naden

MA Candidate, Art History Major Professor: Janice Simon Project Description: Theresa Bernstein’s Images of American Women in the City

Michael Paparone

PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature Major Professor: Thomas Cerbu Project Description: The Rhetoric of Cultural Patrimony

Katherine Rohrer

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: John C. Inscoe Project Description: The Religious Self-Definition and Expression of Elite White Women in the Nineteenth-Century South

Dan Rosenberg

PhD Candidate, English/Creative Writing Major Professor: Andrew Zawacki Project Description: Poetry Exchange Project

James Welborn III

PhD Candidate, History Major Professor: Stephen Berry Project Description: Dueling Cultures: Southern Honor, Religion, and Manhood in the Civil War Era

Janelle Young

MFA Candidate, LDSOA/Photography Janelle Padgett Knight Graduate Award Honorable Mention Major Professor: Michael Marshall Project Description: Historical Wet-plate Collodion Research

Spring 2013

Jaime Bull

MFA candidate, Painting and Drawing Major Professor: Christopher Hocking Project Description: Lady Beasts: An investigation of womanliness 

Laura Davis

PhD candidate, History Major Professor: Stephen Berry Project Description: A Brotherhood Adrift: Boat Burners, Naval Guerrillas, and the Brown Water Confederate Navy

Karla Nicole Evans

MA candidate, Religion Major Professor: Carolyn Medine Project Description: Feeling Muslim

Ximena Gonzalez-Parada

PhD candidate, Romance Languages Major Professor: Lorgia García-Peña Project Description: Afro-Ecuadorian Identity: a Re-examination of Foundational Narratives

Tifany Lee

MFA candidate, Theatre and Film Studies Major Professor: David Zucker Saltz Project Description: Trash: A Love Story

David Meek

PhD candidate, Anthropology Major Professor: Peter Brosius Project Description: Learning and Landscape Change in the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement

Youngmi Moon

DMA candidate, Hugh Hodgson School of Music Major Professor: Martha Thomas, Hugh Hodgson School of Music Faculty Advisor: Lisa Fusillo, Dance Project Description: Research on accompaniment for ballet class

Kai Riedl

PhD candidate, Hugh Hodgson School of Music Janelle Padgett Knight Graduate Award Winner Major Professor: Jean Kidula Project Description: “Our New Silence” – Performance

Chantell Smith

PhD candidate, Department of Romance Languages Major Professor: Lesley Feracho Project Description: Diasporic Links: African-Americans and Afro-Cubans in Transnational Dialogue

Fall 2012

Rachel Debuque

MFA candidate, Sculpture Major Professor: Larry Millard Project Description: Home Front

Kylie Horney

PhD candidate, History Janelle Padgett Knight Graduate Award Winner Major Professor: Peter C. Hoffer Project DescriptionFrom Vigorous & Bold Operations

Matthew Hulbert

PhD candidate, History Major Professor: John Inscoe Project Description: Ghosts of the Guerrilla War: Civil War Memory in Missouri

Joshua Hussey

PhD candidate, English Major Professors: Andrew Zawacki, Jed Rasula, Doug Anderson Project Description: Travel to the Thomas J. Dodd Special Collections at the University of Connecticut

Gabriel Alexander Lovatt

PhD candidate, English Major Professor: Jed Rasula Project DescriptionFlaming Creatures: Oscar Wilde and the Legacy of American Decadence

Rachel Paparone

PhD candidate, Romance Languages Major Professor: Jonathan F. Krell Project Description: Understanding Self and Nature: reviving the “Bildungsroman” in the works of Jean-Christophe Rufin

Danielle Peters

MFA candidate, Printmaking Major Professor: Jon Swindler Project Description: Writhe

David Thomson

PhD candidate, History Major Professor: Stephen Berry Project Description: August Belmont and the Struggle for Fiscal Diplomacy

Spring 2012

Lisa Bolding

Ph.D. candidate, English Major Professor: Fran Teague

Ashley David

PhD candidate, English-Creative Dissertation Co-Major Professors: Edward Pavlic and Reginald McKnight Project Description: American (post)

Adam Forrester

MFA Candidate, Lamar Dodd School of Art Major Professor: Michael Marshall Project Description: EAT WHITE DIRT (documentary film)

Christine Hellyer

PhD candidate, Art Education Major Professor: Tracie Costantino Project Description: Transmission of knowledge within a Hopi Indian jewelers

Sandy McCain

PhD Candidate in Art, Art History, Lamar Dodd School of Art Major Professor:  Janice Simon Project Description: Dissertation research in Charleston, SC

La Shonda Mims

PhD Candidate, Department of History Major Professor: James C. Cobb Project Description: Research at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, NY

Elizabeth Whittenburg Ozment

PhD candidate, Musicology/Ethnomusicology, Hugh Hodgson School of Music with graduate certificates in Women’s Studies & Interdisciplinary University Teaching Major Professor: Jean Kidula Project Description: Study of music at U.S. Civil War re-enactments during sesquicentennial celebrations

Hannah Waits

PhD candidate, Department of History (Janelle Padgett Knight Graduate Award winner) Major Professor: Bethany E. Moreton Project Description: Conservatism and the Great Commission