Religion and the Common Good Seminar – “Universal Compassion: Modern Buddhists and Altruism”

This talk will be led by Gen Monrub, resident teacher, Kadampa Meditation Center, Atlanta.

The Religion and the Common Good Seminar is an interdisciplinary initiative that builds on existing networks between faculty, students, community members, and other professionals with research, teaching, and service interests in religion’s contribution to the common good.  The seminar explores the ways religious communities reach beyond the bounds of their own community to benefit people of other faiths or of no particular faith, what constitutes the common good from a religious faith perspective, differences between religions in approaching various common goods, how religions prevent or promote common goods within society or segments of society, religious teachings and practices that motivate members to seek the good of others, and inter-religious service for the common good.

The Religion and the Common Good Seminar is presented by the department of religion with support from the Willson Center.