DigiLab Spotlight: New interim director Katherine Ireland takes UGA digital humanities international

The Digital Humanities Lab (DigiLab) is an interdisciplinary initiative of the Willson Center and UGA Libraries. In particular, we support digital humanities and open humanities work and research. We are also a physical lab space located in the UGA Main Library, Room 300. We are equipped with state of the art computers and programs for all members of the UGA community to utilize for research and computational tasks. We have affiliated programs and projects in English, History, Romance Languages, and Linguistics. The DigiLab is uniquely situated to support undergraduates, grad students, and faculty.

As the new head of the DigiLab, I am excited to continue to build on our work at UGA and beyond. With support from the Office of Global Engagement and the Willson Center, this summer I had the opportunity to expand our connections to Munich, Germany, where I presented a workshop and lecture at Ludwig Maximilians University for students and faculty, and shared my research on WHO, NHS, and CDC governmental communication via Twitter. I also taught students and faculty how to use the R programming language for text analysis and related research questions.

One of the best outcomes of this visit was connecting with the Digital Humanities Center at LMU, where I met with researchers and project leaders to learn about their work in DH. We also discussed ways to collaborate on teaching and supporting student research. We are in the process of planning a joint symposium through the DigiLab for this upcoming spring on research data in the humanities.

Please join us! For more information contact me at: Katherine.ireland@uga.edu or digi@uga.edu.