Graduate Research Awards for 2012-2013

Fall 2012

Rachel Debuque

MFA candidate, Sculpture
Major Professor: Larry Millard

Project Description: Home Front

Kylie Horney

PhD candidate, History
Janelle Padgett Knight Graduate Award Winner
Major Professor: Peter C. Hoffer

Project DescriptionFrom Vigorous & Bold Operations My dissertation reexamines the American Revolution from an Atlantic World perspective through the lens of privateering. I aim to explain the significant role privateers played in the Revolution and to trace their lives from port to the Atlantic and beyond and back home again. My study will also explore the legacy of privateers and how they were perceived, treated, and remembered in the aftermath of the Revolution. Through an investigation of these marauding merchants, historians will come to understand the American Revolution not only as a war of wills between the British and American colonists, but as an Atlantic World conflict which affected England and her colonies, as well as Spain, France, the Netherlands, and the Caribbean.

Matthew Hulbert

PhD candidate, History
Major Professor: John Inscoe

Project Description: Ghosts of the Guerrilla War: Civil War Memory in Missouri

Joshua Hussey

PhD candidate, English
Major Professors: Andrew Zawacki, Jed Rasula, Doug Anderson

Project Description: Travel to the Thomas J. Dodd Special Collections at the University of Connecticut

Gabriel Alexander Lovatt

PhD candidate, English
Major Professor: Jed Rasula

Project DescriptionFlaming Creatures: Oscar Wilde and the Legacy of American Decadence

Rachel Paparone

PhD candidate, Romance Languages
Major Professor: Jonathan F. Krell

Project Description: Understanding Self and Nature: reviving the “Bildungsroman” in the works of Jean-Christophe Rufin

Danielle Peters

MFA candidate, Printmaking
Major Professor: Jon Swindler

Project Description: Writhe

David Thomson

PhD candidate, History
Major Professor: Stephen Berry

Project Description: August Belmont and the Struggle for Fiscal Diplomacy


Spring 2013

Jaime Bull

MFA candidate, Painting and Drawing
Major Professor: Christopher Hocking

Project Description: Lady Beasts: An investigation of womanliness 

Laura Davis

PhD candidate, History
Major Professor: Stephen Berry

Project Description: A Brotherhood Adrift: Boat Burners, Naval Guerrillas, and the Brown Water Confederate Navy

Karla Nicole Evans

MA candidate, Religion
Major Professor: Carolyn Medine

Project Description: Feeling Muslim

Ximena Gonzalez-Parada

PhD candidate, Romance Languages
Major Professor: Lorgia García-Peña

Project Description: Afro-Ecuadorian Identity: a Re-examination of Foundational Narratives

Tifany Lee

MFA candidate, Theatre and Film Studies
Major Professor: David Zucker Saltz

Project Description: Trash: A Love Story

David Meek

PhD candidate, Anthropology
Major Professor: Peter Brosius

Project Description: Learning and Landscape Change in the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement

Youngmi Moon

DMA candidate, Hugh Hodgson School of Music
Major Professor: Martha Thomas, Hugh Hodgson School of Music
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Fusillo, Dance

Project Description: Research on accompaniment for ballet class

Kai RiedlKai Reidl

PhD candidate, Hugh Hodgson School of Music
Janelle Padgett Knight Graduate Award Winner

Major Professor: Jean Kidula

Project Description: “Our New Silence” – Performance The Willson Center Graduate Research Award was vital in realizing the later stages of my research in ethnomusicology, translocal music practices, and cultural diplomacy within the arts. The award enabled a rare performance that consisted of over a dozen musicians in the Athens area interpreting and reimagining traditional music from the island of java, where I have done extensive recording of music.

Chantell Smith

PhD candidate, Department of Romance Languages
Major Professor: Lesley Feracho

Project Description: Diasporic Links: African-Americans and Afro-Cubans in Transnational Dialogue