OVPR Faculty Research Grant (FRG) in the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts

  • Deadline: February 5. Grants start July 1.
  • Notification: April

The Faculty Research Grant (FRG) for faculty in the arts and humanities supports and encourages the development of strong programs of research and creative scholarship by both junior and senior faculty in the humanities and arts. The Faculty Research Grant is funded by the Office of the Vice President for Research through the University of Georgia Research Foundation.

Grants are considered “seed money” for research, in that they should lead to the growth and development of continuing research programs. They are not a source of continuing support for an ongoing program, nor should they be viewed as an alternative source of funds for programs already developed to a level that normally would justify support from external agencies. Neither should they provide “matching” funds, where such funds are required as part of an external proposal, nor travel funds to attend professional meetings.

Support for these items is provided by the schools and colleges, or in special cases, through the Office of the Vice President for Research through separate programs.

Budget / Funding

In general, grants are expected to be in the range of approximately $3,000 to $10,000.

Faculty Research Grants will provide support for the following categories of expenditure:

  • General expenses of research, such as supplies, materials, services, animals and animal care costs, etc., that are essential to the project (publication charges are not allowed).
  • Equipment essential to the research being proposed. Equipment requests should relate to a particular project, even though the equipment may be used beyond its conclusion. Funding for more general equipment should be requested from other programs. Equipment requests should be accompanied by an explanation of why the equipment was not covered by startup funds.
  • Travel costs, including subsistence, which are essential for the conduct of the research. Travel to professional meetings, even to report on research supported by a Faculty Research Grant, will not be funded through this program.
  • Graduate research assistants as support staff for faculty research. Grants are not intended to support solely students’ thesis or dissertation completion. Proposals requesting graduate student stipends should make clear the role played by the student in the proposed research program.
  • Labor costs for other personnel essential to the project.
  • Personnel expense for faculty is in the form of course buyout to the department only. FRG proposals requesting course buyout will be considered only if the individual’s requirements could not have been met by the Willson Center Faculty Fellowships.

This program cannot pay any salary directly to the faculty member or give additional compensation.

For application procedures and other guidelines see:

The Faculty Research Grant Guidelines also provide instructions for uploading your completed application to the Willson Center online grants site.


OVPR Faculty Research Cluster (FRC) in the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts

  • Research clusters are funded for cycles of up to 36 months. The next application deadline for available funding will be February 2016 for funded projects beginning academic year 2016/17.

The Faculty Research Cluster (FRC) supports groups of faculty who are organized to address large-scale humanities and arts questions in partnership with colleagues from allied departments, colleges, centers, and institutes. Applicants are encouraged to situate their research questions in context of the major and evolving issues in their field or area of interest. Applicants are also encouraged to include elements of interdisciplinary, multi-faculty teaching at the graduate or undergraduate levels as an integral part of their research cluster proposal. FRCs are designed to build research capacity in the humanities and arts and increase the profile and competitiveness of faculty for grants and support. The Faculty Research Cluster is funded by the Office of the Vice President for Research through the University of Georgia Research Foundation.

  • Each FRC will include a Principal Investigator who will be located in normal circumstances in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Each FRC will have a core team of three or more faculty from two or more disciplines.
  • Each FRC should engage partners from the research student community, the private and public sectors.
  • The FRC PI will report to the Willson Center Director quarterly, with a six-monthly report on cluster activity. Continuing funding will depend on the successful submission of these reports.
  • FRC activity will take place in the Willson Center, where appropriate.
  • Each FRC member becomes a Willson Center Research Partner.

Budget / Funding

Research clusters are funded for cycles of up to 36 months with a maximum 12-month budget of $25,000. All funding promises and awards are contingent on periodic reviews and approval of the annual budget by OVPR and the UGARF Board.