Panel Discussion – “Productive Communities”

November 12, 2013 @ 10:00 pm
Miller Learning Center, Room 171
Zell B. Miller Student Learning Center
The University of Georgia, 48 Baxter Street, Athens, GA 30602
Panel Discussion - “Productive Communities” @ Miller Learning Center, Room 171 | Athens | Georgia | United States

A roundtable discussion on music production in Athens featuring music producers John Keane, Tom Lewis, and Paul Reeves. Moderated by David Barbe, local music producer and director of the Terry College Music Business Program; co-organized by Susan Thomas, co-director of the Athens Music Project, a Willson Center Faculty Research Cluster.

A conversation about the role music production plays in communities–particularly in our community. Expect the discussion to range far beyond the independent rock scene that put Athens on the map; the AMP in particular aims to explore and support the city’s diverse and complex musical infrastructure.