Willson Center Distinguished Artist or Lecturer

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  • Deadlines:
    • September 4 (current academic year)
    • February 5 (following academic year)
  • Notification dates:
    • September 4 deadline: Early October
    • February 5 deadline: Early April

The Willson Center Distinguished Artist or Lecturer program supports individual faculty or interdisciplinary groups in bringing leading thinkers and practitioners to campus in support of ongoing and innovative research projects. The program provides a $1,500 honorarium out of which the artist or lecturer pays his or her travel expenses. Distinguished artists and lecturers are nominated by the faculty and are selected by the Willson Center’s Academic Advisory Board. Faculty are encouraged to conceive of this program as an opportunity to create broader impacts that include engagement with the student body, the public, the locality and state.

Applicants are encouraged to involve more than one department; applications may include partnership with relevant departments, centers and institutes other than the Willson Center. A primary criterion is the academic excellence of the nominee and the impact they will have on the UGA research community in the arts and humanities.

Lectures and locations should be coordinated through the Willson Center. In accepting the award, the faculty sponsor agrees to communicate all relevant information regarding the visitor’s activities while at UGA and to credit the Willson Center in all publicity about the visitor.

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